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Bloodborne Pathogens Video: Staff/Faculty Instructions

The acknowledgement printed after I watch the “Bloodborne Pathogen” video, verifies that I watched the video.  I will need to make a copy for my school and the other buildings I am assigned to, and take it to each building. 

The contents of the video and the Bloodborne Pathogen Brochure given to me contain:

▪Instruction/Information on Bloodborne Pathogens and diseases

▪Review of Universal Precautions

▪Methods used to control occupational exposure

▪Standards for handling blood and other infectious material

▪Who qualifies for hepatitis B vaccine according to job duties

▪Medical evaluation and post exposure follow up procedures

I may contact my Registered School nurse or the Nurse’s office @ 812-462-4465/812-462-4409 or email regarding any questions about Bloodborne Pathogens.

I understand after printing the completion form for the “Bloodborne Pathogens” video it is my responsibility to take the form to the health assistant, at which time I will receive my spill management packet and brochure.  I may have my packet replaced when used.                

Video Access instructions:

1.        Click on

2.        Select “Vigo County School Corporation” from the drop down menu

3.       Enter the district access code:  47803

4.       Click on the “Bloodborne Pathogen” video

5.       After you view the video, click the link at the end.  This will record your viewing.  You will need to select “Vigo County School Corporation” when completing the acknowledgment form.

6.       Print a copy of the form to turn into each building that you work in.  Turn in  forms to your building’s health assistant and you will then receive your spill management packet. 

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