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To: Students and Parents in the Vigo County School Corporation

The Vigo County School Corporation is extremely excited to welcome nearly 15,000 students on August 8 as we officially begin the 2018-19 school year!  With so many hopes and dreams of what the year may bring, this guide is intended to provide parents and students with basic information about the Vigo County School Corporation. Specific information about your child’s school can be found in the student handbook, which is published in each of our 28 schools. If additional information is needed, please call (812) 462-4011.

As a parent of a high school student, I understand that a parent’s role in education changes as children grow. However, one thing remains constant: students with involved parents or guardians earn better grades;  have better attendance; and better social skills. As parents, we can inspire our children and demonstrate how to take charge of their education. Staff members in the Vigo County School Corporation stand ready to empower our students and work with our families and community partners to inspire our children to become the leaders of tomorrow.  As the new Superintendent of Schools, I am excited to see what this year will bring and eager to ensure that all students become life ready.

Best wishes for an enjoyable school year.

Rob Haworth

Superintendent of Schools

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