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3434 Maple Avenue

Terre Haute, Indiana 47804

Phone:  812-462-4312/Fax:  812-462-4204

Website:  http://metadot.vigoco.k12.in.us/metadot/index.pl?id=2993


School Colors:              Red, white and blue


School Mascot:  The Patriot


Location:  The city of Terre Haute, population 60,785, is located in Vigo County in west central Indiana.  The county area covers 403 square miles with a population of 107,516 people.  Terre Haute North Vigo High School is located in the northern section of the county serving a combined urban, suburban, and rural population.


Facilities:  North is a comprehensive high school first occupied in September 1971, situated on a 70 acre campus which includes facilities for all spectator sports.


Enrollment:  There are approximately 1,750 students enrolled in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12.  This figure represents a cross section of socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds.  North students attend Otter Creek and Woodrow Wilson Middle Schools of the Vigo County School Corporation.


Accreditation:  The school is accredited by AdvancED.


Faculty:  The faculty of 127 certificated teachers includes 50% with Master's Degrees and/or other advanced degrees.  In addition there are 57 auxiliary personnel staffing the school.


Schedule Information: 

Trimester –Three 12-week grading periods


(Aug – Nov)    (Nov –Feb)    (Feb – June)


Length of regular class period                          70 minutes

Length of vocational class period        70 minutes

Number of times a class meets per week            5 times

Number of weeks per Trimester                      12 weeks


Grading System: 

                        A = 4.00        A- = 3.67

B+ = 3.33        B = 3.00        B- = 2.67

C+ = 2.33        C = 2.00        C- = 1.67

D+ = 1.33        D = 1.00        D- = 1.67


W/F: Withdrawn with failure


Rank in Class:  Rank in class is computed using all grades in full-credit subjects for all students. Honors and AP courses are not weighted. 


SAT Mean Score:  The mean verbal, math, and writing scores for North seniors are 502, 498, and 487. The state mean for verbal, math, and writing are 490, 493, and 493.  ACT composite 24.4, State of Indiana 22.6. (2016-2017)


Higher Education: forty-eight percent of our graduates seek a 4 year university or college.  Eighteen percent of our graduates seek a 2 year college.  Twenty - three percent of our students seek a vocational, apprenticeship, or technical school.  Thirty - one percent of our seniors typically take at least one AP course.


College Challenge Courses:  Qualified students may elect courses by which they may receive college as well as high school credit.

Advanced Composition CC (ENG 105)

Advanced Speech CC (COMM 101)

Chemistry CC (CHEM 103/103L, CHEM 104/104L)

Chemistry CC (CHEM 105/105L, CHEM 106/106L)  

Fashion and Textiles (TAM 111, 211, 217)

Human Anatomy & Physiology IA CC (ATTR 210/210L/PE220/220L)

Issues and Ideas (UC 110)

Literary Movements (ENG 239)

Macro Economics CC (ECON 200)

Micro Economics CC (ECON 201)

Music History & Appreciation CC (MUS 236)

Personal Financial Responsibility (FIN 108)

Physics IA CC (PHYSICS 105/105L, PHYSICS 106/106L)

PreCalculus or PreCalculus A (MATH 115)

Trigonometry or Trigonometry A (MATH 112)

US History CC (Hist 201/202)


Advanced Placement Courses AP:

Biology AP

Calculus AP

Chemistry AP

English Language and Composition AP

English Literature & Composition AP

French AP

Government AP

Macro Economics AP

Micro Economics AP

Music Theory AP

Physics AP

Physics  2 AP

Psychology AP

Spanish AP

Statistics AP

U.S. History AP

World History AP                 

Honor Courses:

Algebra IIA

Biology IA

Chemistry IA

Classical Literature

English 9A, 10A, 11A,

English Honors 9AH, 10AH

Geometry A

Literary Movements


  Work Study Vocational Programs:

*AE – Adult Education

*BCE/BPA – Business Cooperative Experience grade 12

*Health Careers grade 12

*ICE - Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education program

  Grade 12

*ME/DECA - Marketing Education grade 12

*RL-Work Study – Pre-employment Vocational  

  Education Grades 9-12

*Senior Internship grade 12

*Vocational Building Trades grades 11-12


   Vigo County Graduation Requirements:

Credits: One credit is earned in each 70-minute class that meets 5 days per week for one trimester.


Students Beginning 9th Grade after 8/1/2006                  

Core 40 Requirements

Language Arts              9 credits

Mathematics                6 credits

Science                        6 credits

Social Studies              6 credits

Physical Education      2 credits

Health and Wellness    1 credit

Directed Electives        5 credits

Electives                     13 credits

Total Credits:             48 credits




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