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School Counseling Department

Welcome to the Terre Haute North Vigo High School Counseling page. Here you will find information and current news pertaining to our department. Useful links are listed on the left as a helpful resource to parents and students.  In addition, links related to specific interests are listed below.  If you need to communicate with a school counselor, please refer to the contact/sign up information listed below.  We hope you find this information valuable.


9:00AM- 1:00PM
(Click on the banner to RSVP!)

Sign Up required by 3:15pm on September 28th, 2018

During GO IVY DAY you will have the opportunity to:

- Learn more about admissions requirements
- Explore campus
- Meet with faculty from your academic area of interest
- Get the facts on financial aid
- Connect with current and other prospective students, and much more

Lunch and Transportation are both provided!


Ms. Shannon Padget
Counselor (A-Davies)

Mrs. Stacey Cavins
Counselor (Davis-Howard)

Mrs. Whitney Wiencken
Counselor (Huckle-Lee)

Mrs. Michele Kirby
Dir. of Counseling (Legan-Mathers)

Mrs. Joan Ray
Counselor (Mathies-Scott)

Mr. Johnathon Allen
Counselor (Sears-Z)

Mrs. Janet Voll 
(812) 462-4436

Ms. Audrey Shock
Data Entry

Mrs. Donna Carpenter
(812) 462-4318

  Ms. Kristina Ladika
College Connection Coach

Special Interest Links

Benefits of Taking a Rigorous High School ScheduleCool  Download me! Download
Texting & Driving: "It Can Wait"Cool
Take the pledge! NEVER TEXT AND DRIVE. No text is worth the risk. It can wait!
11th Grade Pwpt: What Every Junior Needs To Know 2018  Download me! Download
Indiana State University-Offical TranscriptCool
Link to request an official ISU transcript to be sent to a college of the student's choice.
Ivy Tech - Official TranscriptCool  Download me! Download
Link to request an official Ivy Tech transcript to be sent to a college of the student's choice.
Vincennes University - Official Transcript
Link to request an official Vincennes University transcript to be sent to a college of the student's choice.
An online tool which helps students view program requirements, course equivalencies, and see how courses transfer to another college or university.
TransferIN - CoreTransfer Library - Advanced PlacementCool
The AP articulation from each public college in Indiana, required by Indiana Public Law 91/ HEA 1135, can be found on this site.
TransferIN - Core Transfer Library - ISU Dual CreditCool
It is recommended that dual credit courses, whether taken at public or independent colleges or universities, come from the CTL.
Curriculum Guide 2018-2019Cool
TH North Fact Sheet 2017-2018Cool  Download me! Download
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