Meet the Beekeepers

Meet the Beekeepers
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Click on the staff member's name to visit his or her website.  We will update new faces soon.  Websites for new Staff Members will be available soon.

Mrs. Cassell

Office Staff

Left to Right

Mrs. Cooper

Mrs. Myers

Assistant Principal
Mrs. Staggs
Ms. Haley
Left to Right
Miss Mattingly
Mrs. Deady
Mrs. Harlan
Mrs. Rader
Mrs. Condon
Mrs. Wheaton
(Will be back Next Year)
Third Grade
Left to Right
Mrs. Noble
Mrs. Cox
Ms. Lawler
Mrs. Lammey
Ms. Cornelison
First Grade
Left to Right
Mrs. Chalos
Ms. Myers
Mr. Warren
Mrs. Colwell
Ms. Hendrix
Mrs. Fendrick

Fourth Grade
Left to Right (top)
Mrs. Bennett
Ms. Ralston


 Mrs. Engle

Mrs. Reynolds

Second Grade
Left to Right
Mrs. Hampton
Mrs. Thornton
Mrs. Sluder
Ms. Schopmeyer
Mr. Moss

Fifth Grade
Left to Right
Mrs. Scamihorn
Mrs. Runyan
 Mrs. Dillion
 Ms. Stark
Special Needs
Left to Right

Mrs. Cristee
Mrs. Griese

Ms. Martindale
Mrs. Burger

Physical Education

Mr. Lonneman


Left to Right

Mrs. Veit

Ms. Orman

 Mrs. Deardorf

Music & Art

Left to Right

Mrs. Sabaini


Mrs. Schultz

Janitorial Staff

Larry Velez, Brenda Morris, Pam Coston, Brayden Beck, Randy White




Health Assistant

Gina Rawls


Mrs. Tener-Smith

Media Center

Mrs. Kelly


Lunchroom/Recess Aides

Wafaa Zahaar, Jill Truelove, Juli Pair





Julie Nikirk, Ashley Orten


Linda Mills
Ashley Bauer
Dana Goodwin
Misty Talley

 Dixie Bee's Security Police Officer-
Officer Larry

Foster Grandparents

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