Dr. Bonomo, Principal.

I am so happy and proud to be a member of the Fayette Family and the West Vigo Community!  It has been such a pleasure for me to get to know the students, families, faculty, and staff of Fayette.  I believe that we are one big family working toward a common goal: success for all students.  I feel that we are extremely fortunate to be able to work together daily in order to accomplish this goal.

Student success is determined by the amount of participation of all parties involved.  Open communication is a must in order for everyone to be on the same page and working together.  If everyone works together for the benefit of the child, success will be attainable.  Student success is measured by the needs and goals of each individual child.  Students should be able to participate, communicate, and advocate for themselves daily. 

Please feel free to contact me at any time in regard to items of concern or praise.  I appreciate all feedback, both positive and negative.  In order for us to work together collaboratively, we must communicate.  In order for our school to be at its best, we need to know what items need to be improved upon and which ones need to stay the same.  I always say, "I cannot help or fix a situation if I do not know that one exists!”  Please note that I have an open door policy.  My door is always open to members of the Fayette Family: students, parents, teachers, staff, and the community.  I respond to e-mail, phone calls, or meetings.  Please call prior to coming in for a meeting.  I am often out of the office and in the classrooms spending time with our students.  Also, I have meetings out of the building at times.  I would prefer to set up an appointment with an individual in order to be able to devote my full attention to the scheduled meeting. 

Thank you to EVERYONE for the warm welcome and open arms that I have received at Fayette.  It is a wonderful place to be.  I am honored to be a part of this school and community.

Dr. Janel Bonomo ~ Principal  

Mrs. Bonomo

Our Reading and Math Programs

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