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Software Guides

Help Desk Ticket Instructions  Download me! Download
This document includes a list of steps for submitting a Help Desk Ticket.
1998-2016 Complete List Scholastic Quizzes  Download me! Download
Please click the following attachment to download a copy of the complete list of Scholastic Reading Counts Quizzes from 1998- 2016 in an Excel spreadsheet.
Reading Counts Quiz Collections http://www.hmhco.co...
Use this link to download Scholastic quiz lists as they are released each month.
Scholastic SRI Reporting Guide  Download me! Download
This is a nice reference for SRI Reports
Type to Learn - Getting Started & SupportOpen link in new window
Here is the link additional Type to Learn training materials. You will be able to access training for Lesson Overview, User Settings, Custom Content, Student Reports, and Usage Reports
MH Reading Wonders Website - Student/Teacher Login
(DO NOT create a new account - for new students and teachers you must please submit a work request so Information Technology can handle this - thank you)
MH Reading Wonders Quick Start Guide (Teacher)  Download me! Download
MH Reading Wonders Quick Start Guide (Student)  Download me! Download
MH Reading Wonders Simplified Login Instructions  Download me! Download
How to setup the simplified login on the Reading Wonders website - makes logging in easier for students
Read Live Training Videos
This will take you to my Read Live training page that gives you access to video tutorials from Read Live.
FREE Online Read Live Training (On-Demand)
Register for your free on-demand Read Live training!
Read Live Basic Steps  Download me! Download
Read Live User Guide  Download me! Download
Read Live - Assigning Student Licenses  Download me! Download
Read Live Working Through a Story  Download me! Download
Microsoft Word 2007 Basics  Download me! Download
Microsoft Excel 2007 Basics  Download me! Download
Inspiration  Download me! Download
Kidspiration  Download me! Download
Smartboard/Interactive Whiteboard Training  Download me! Download
Tutorials and How-To's for basic using of interactive whiteboards
Smartboard Tools Quick Reference  Download me! Open link in new window Download
Smartboard Floating Toolbar  Download me! Open link in new window Download
Edline - Product Support PageOpen link in new window
Edline Product Support - Training Videos
Edline - BasicsOpen link in new window
Understanding the basics of Edline
PDF & Scholastic Book Labels Issues  Download me! Download
This tutorial will help resolve the issue you may be having with printing or previewing PDF files, which also includes Scholastic Book Labels and reports.
Type to Learn - Lesson Overview https://support.sun...
Type to Learn - Building Groups (previously known as classes) https://support.sunburst.com/hc/en-us/articles/218956137-Type-to-Learn-Buil...
Type to Learn - User Settings https://support.sunbu...
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