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Mission Statement:
Our mission is to utilize our office as a unique educational tool for this building. We plan to teach and motivate young men and women to: attend regularly, achieve lofty academic goals, and honor our school with exemplary behavior. We believe that by placing an emphasis on discipline, we will serve the cause of excellence in education and in life.

We will foster a "family concept" where there are shared responsibilities, care and discipline, and an absence of special privileges. In short, it will be our responsibility to take our students where they cannot take themselves.

Mr. Barrett Mrs. Mauk

Mrs. Shannon Mauk 

Dean's Secretary

Sophia Tompkins

Attendance Policies & Practices:
Attendance expectations are set forth to assist students in being successful in school and in life outside of their school experience. An emphasis on excellent attendance will benefit students as they will have the maximum opportunity for achievement in schools, and they will gain valuable life skills to be used beyond their school experience. It is anticipated that all students, at one time or another in their lifetime, may be employed and will be expected to be on time and at work each and every day. It is with this knowledge that the Vigo County School Corporation has established this attendance expectation: students will be in school and on time each and every day school is in session. This is an important issue and one that requires the support of parents, the school corporation staff, the Vigo County community, as well as the students themselves.



  • Absences from school, for whatever reason, e.g., family vacation, illness, appointments, visits, etc., will be counted as absences. Parents, guardians, or emancipated students must call or contact the school about each absence on the date of the absence before 10:00 a.m. Failure to do so may result in the absence being identified as truancy.
    • Truant absences are identified as:
      • Failing to attend school or class without the consent of the parent/guardian or school official.
      • Not being in assigned location on the school campus during the school day without approval of appropriate school personnel.
      • A "Habitual Truant" is a student who is truant from school either three times in one trimester or four times in a year.
    • The following events, by law and policy, are not absences from school:
      • School sponsored trip
      • Suspensions from school attendance
      • Serving as a Page in the Legislature
      • Working the elections as provided by law and policy
      • Appearing in court under order of subpoena
      • Serving on active duty with the Indiana National Guard for not more than 10 days in the school year.
      • Serving as the official representative of the school (as approved by the principal)
      • Serving on the State Department of Education Standards Task Force
      • Hospitalization or incarceration with verified educational services being provided
      • Accepted for homebound services (student/parents must have a request for homebound services on file, including an approved medical support statement)
      • College Days – a maximum of 2 college visitation days will be permitted on each of the last two years of high school – additional visitation days must receive prior approval from the school principal or designee
      • Other: Principal determination (must be documented)
      • Excellent attendance (98% for the year) will be recognized.
      • Documented doctor/dentist/therapist notes will not be included in the calculation of excessive absences.
      • Loss of Credit (High School) – A student may be denied credits after the 8th absence from school/class in a trimester. Extensions will be provided to students who have documented medical or dental excuses on file. Notes from health care providers must be received within three school days after the student returns to school. After the eighth absence, the student and his/her parent/guardian will be notified and may be provided the following options: 1. An attendance contract that provides an opportunity for the student to regain credits based on improved attendance during the current trimesters; 2. The student may be placed in an alternative educational program (McLean H. S. or Booker T. Washington H. S.); 3. The student will lose credits for the class(es) if attendance patterns continue.
      • The Vigo County School Corporation expects that principals will use their professional discretion when implementing discipline approaches with individual students. All appeals will be at the building level.
      • Each school will develop a program to recognize students for excellent school attendance.
      • Tardies to school or class will be dealt with in such a way(s) so as not to negatively impact the school attendance rate. Calls will be made to the home to encourage the student to be on time and at school each day. Tardies may result in loss of recess/break time or assignment to a detention or extended school day.
      • Parents, guardians, or emancipated students are to report a student absence by calling the school prior to 10:00 a.m. on the day of the absence. Failure to call may result in disciplinary action.
      • After each absence the following procedures will be followed:
        • Calls will be made to the home or parent work place each day if the school is not notified by the parent, guardian, or emancipated student on the day of the student absence. The school will use other communication methods if there is no available home/work phone. All efforts to contact the home will be properly documented.
        • When possible and/or appropriate, teachers/teams are encouraged to discuss the importance of school attendance with the student.
        • Students are allowed to make-up appropriate work missed because of any absences with the exception of absences identified as truancies. The work will be included in figuring the student’s grade. Students/parents must contact the teacher to request the make-up work. Elementary students will have one week to complete make-up work. Middle and high school students have three school days after the last absence to complete make-up work. Special circumstances may be approved by the principal.
      • On the fourth (4th) and the eighth (8th) absences, when appropriate, an attendance letter will be mailed to the home informing the parents/guardians regarding the importance of good school attendance and alerting them that serious attendance patterns may be developing. Schools at each level (elementary, middle and high) will include in this letter pertinent information about possible consequences of continued absences. The school will keep proper documentation of this communication.
      • On the tenth (10th) absence, when appropriate, the school will contact the student and the parent/guardian and develop a Probation in Place of Expulsion (PIPE) plan that sets the expectations for improved attendance. Schools at each level (elementary, middle and high) will again share pertinent information about possible additional consequences of continued absences. The school will keep proper documentation of this communication.
      • On the fifteenth (15th) absence, when appropriate, in communication with the student and the parent/guardian, the school may involve Child Protective Services, the Juvenile Justice System, and recommend expulsion. Additionally, driver’s license/permit and work permit may be revoked by the principal after the 15th absence
  • Make-up work is defined as all work that is counted as a grade must be allowed to be made up in some form. It must be of equal grade value. Students have the responsibility of requesting make-up work from the teacher within three (3) days upon their return. A reasonably designated time limit will be set by the teacher as to the due date of any make-up work. Due to the emphasis on participation in physical education classes, state and local policy may override this definition. The work will be included in figuring the student’s grade. Students/Parents must contact the teacher to request the make-up work.

Leaving Before Close of School Day
Students are not to leave the school grounds without a permit from the Deans or a pass from the Nurse’s Office. Students violating this policy will be considered truant and thus subject to disciplinary measure. If a student is on a work-study program, the Assistant Principal will issue a permanent pass at the beginning of each trimester. [Top]

Bullying another student will be grounds for disciplinary action ranging from direction/correction to suspension to expulsion. Bullying is defined as overt, repeated acts or gestures, including verbal or written communication transmitted; physical act committed; or any other behaviors committed by a student or group of students against another student with the intent to harass, ridicule, humiliate, intimidate, or harm the other student. [Top]

Cell Phones & Paging Devices
The VCSC Board of Trustees passed a revised policy concerning cell phones/pagers on April 26, 2008. The policy was effective May 10, 2008.

  • A student may possess a cell phone/paging device in school, on school property, at after school activities, and at school related functions, provided that during school hours* and on a school bus* the cell phone/paging device remains off and out of sight. When directed by a staff member during a school crisis/emergency or even at an after school event cell phones/pagers must be turned off. A student possessing a cell phone/paging device shall assume responsibility for its care. At no time will the VCSC be responsible for preventing theft, loss, or damage to cell phones/paging devices brought onto its property.

  • Cell phones/pagers are not to be used on the school bus on regular routes and/or from the time a student enters the building upon arrival at school for the start of their school day until the end of the school day dismissal bell.

  • Guidelines for all VCSC middle/high school students - Students who are in violation of point number one (1) above will be required to give the entire phone (battery, sim card, etc) to the school authority making the demand. Search of cell phone contents will only occur under legal guidelines of "reasonable suspicion" of a secondary violation. Persons bringing a cell phone or electronic device to school or a school event are under the above "implied consent" agreement. This would apply to parents or legal guardians of those who are under age 18 as well as those over the age of 18.

Discipline Policies & Practices
Progressive: Range of detention - Tuesday extension, out of school suspension - parent conference depending on number of offenses.

Truancy, improper parking on parking lot w/o permission, failure to serve detentions, forging note or pass, leaving school w/o permission, locker sharing, failure to return cafeteria trays, throwing food in cafeteria, out of assigned area (Truancy is defined as a partial period or an entire day).
Progressive - Tuesday extension through out of school suspension - Probation In Place of Expulsion or recommendation for expulsion.

Tobacco - Use or possession on school property or school related functions starting January 1, 2002, as it is illegal for anyone under 18 years of age to possess tobacco products; disciplinary action for the violation of the IC 35-46-1-105 (illegal possession or use of tobacco products) on school premises or school sponsored events WILL result in a referral to local law enforcement.
Dean/Administrator (VCSC Board Policy)
1st Offense - 1 to 3 days suspension and, if under 18 years of age, principal will report the offense to law enforcement. The principal or designee may substitute school/community service in place of suspension for the first offense.
2nd Offense - 3 to 5 days suspension and, if under 18 years of age, principal will report offense to law enforcement.
3rd (or more) Offense - 5 to 10 days for each violation and, if under 18 years of age, principal will report the offense to law enforcement.

(1)Disruptive, inappropriate behavior including use of profanity/obscenities, (2)Threatening or intimidating another student. (3)Sexual Harassment - Inappropriate displays of affection such as kissing are unacceptable anytime on school grounds. Holding hands is an acceptable form of affection; consoling or greeting a friend with a brief hug is also acceptable.
Detentions through out of school suspension, Probation In Place of Expulsion recommendation for expulsion & possible referral to law enforcement.

Trespassing at another school.
Minimum of 2 Tuesday Extensions with possible arrest.

Fighting, stealing, vandalism, possession of fireworks, inappropriate computer access.
Out of school suspension, Probation In Place of Expulsion, possible recommendation for expulsion and referral to law enforcement agency.

Failure to follow directives of staff.
Detentions through out of school suspension, Probation In Place of Expulsion, possible recommendation for expulsion, referral to law enforcement agency.

Cell phones/pagers are not to be used on the school bus on regular routes and/or from the time a student enters the building upon arrival at school for the start of their school day until the end of the school day dismissal bell.*Dealt with by principal or designee.
1st Offense - Cell phone/pager confiscated and made available to the parent at the end of the school day and one detention

2nd Offense* - Cell phone/pager confiscated - the student will be directed not to have such device on a school bus or in school during the school day for the remainder of the school year - parent/guardian may be contacted to pick up the cell phone/pager. The cell phone will be made available to the parent for pick up. The student will be given an extended day and/or an in-school detention.

Additional consequences will be assessed for continued violation in accordance with student rights and responsibilities (suspension and expulsion may be recommended).

As with dealing with any violation of Corporation or school rules the significance of the violation and the student's prior disciplinary record may impact the level of disciplinary action the school finds appropriate to impose.


Gang signs or paraphernalia.
Out of school suspension, probation in place of expulsion through recommendation for expulsion.

Possess, use, or be under the influence of any substance which is, looks like, or which is or was represented to be marijuana, alcoholic beverage, "non-alcoholic" beer or wine, substance containing phenylpropanolamine (PPA), steroid, stimulant, depressant, or intoxicant of any kind or any medication not specifically prescribed for that individual as a prescription drug or any over the counter substance that may impair the physical or mental function of an individual, or any device used in association with these substances.
Dean/Administrator (Per VCSC Policy)
Recommendation for expulsion or 5-10 days out of school suspension with screenings and Alcohol/Drug Education Program - referral to law enforcement agency or alternative to expulsion policy (see School Board Policy JF-R).

(1)*Provide or transmit to another person any of the prohibited substances or items listed directly above. (2)*Threatening, attempting to cause physical injury or harm to any teacher, school employee, or visitor on school grounds or any school function.
(3)Possession, use or transmitting any weapon, firearm/look-alike.
Dean/Administrator (Per VCSC Zero Tolerance Policy)
5-10 days out of school suspension with recommendation for expulsion and referral to law enforcement agency.

*See School Board Policy JF and Restrictions JR-R.
NOTE: In general, yearly total of Tuesday Extensions per student will be limited to 4, after 4 Tuesday Extensions students maybe be suspended from school. Failure to serve Tuesday Extension without prior approval will result in a 3-Day Out of School Suspension. In general, after the second out of school suspension, more severe discipline will follow.[Top]

North High School Dress Code Guidelines
Appropriate dress in a secondary school has an effect upon the attitude of a student toward school and his/her school work. Let us always at North High School dress in a fashion that will reflect the pride we feel in our school. A copy of the dress code guidelines is posted in classrooms and the Dean’s Office. It is a responsibility of each student to be aware of the dress code guidelines of North High School and dress accordingly. 
1.        No shorts or skirts are to be worn that are shorter than the extended fingertips. If fingers touch skin, the skirt or short is too short. This includes slits in skirts.
2.        Sleeveless tops are allowed if shoulder areas are completely covered. No shirts of sheer materials are to be worn. No tank tops, no cut-off shirts or tops with bare midriffs, low necklines or bare backs are to be worn. Leggings must be covered with an article of clothing that is at least fingertip length.
3.        No coats or jackets/headphones, backpacks, or purse backpacks are to be worn in the building between the first and last bell
4.        Backpacks must be placed in student lockers when entering the building. 
5.        No hats, sunglasses, bandannas, caps, or full head coverings are to be worn in the building before or during school hours. This does not include headwear worn for religious or documented medical purposes.
6.        No article of clothing or accessory will be allowed that promotes, encourages, or advertises alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, violence, and/or sexual content. Clothing that intimidates, threatens, or disgraces a fellow student or staff member by means of a symbol or sign is not allowed. T-shirts that display the Confederate Flag or read “Interstate 420” are examples of inappropriate attire.
7.        Students are not allowed to wear spiked chains, bracelets, belts, etc. In addition, pocket or wallet chains are also not to be worn.
8.        No jeans/pants with rips, tears, or holes (above fingertip length) or long fringe are allowed. No leggings underneath holes (bike pants, etc). Jeans are to be worn no lower than hip level. Apparel is to be appropriate and not present a danger to other students. 
9.        No sagging is permitted.
10.     No sleep-wear clothing or slippers (unless on specified days).
11.     The administration reserves the right to judge any student’s dress appropriate or inappropriate and the prerogative of handling the situation as deemed necessary. After considerable distribution and discussion of the dress code, detentions will be administered to those students who fail to comply with the guidelines. 
Public schools are supported by local, state, and federal courts in determining acceptable dress to be worn during school, but the responsibility rests with the student to know the school guidelines and dress accordingly. Let what you wear be a class act that reflects pride in the first impressions you project and don’t earn the detentions wearing inappropriate clothing will bring. Those students unable to obtain acceptable/appropriate dress will be required to spend the remainder of their school day in Study Hall until able to do so.
1.        No body or face paint.
2.        No masks that cover eyes or face.
3.        No props that can interfere with team play.
4.        Dress should be such that it reflects positively on Terre Haute North.
5.        Administration reserves the right to judge any student’s dress appropriate or inappropriate and the prerogative of handling the situation as deemed necessary including but not limited to asking said students to leave the event.


Driving Privileges
A second suspension from school, or being determined as a habitual truant (three (3) truancies in a school year define a habitual truant), or a recommendation for expulsion will result in the suspension of the driver’s license as per Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Each subsequent suspension will result in an additional 120 days license suspension. The law states that any student who withdraws from school to avoid the penalty will have his/her license revoked until age 18. Students 18 or over may lose driving privileges to school in lieu of their license being suspended. [Top]

Parking Lot Violations
Parking lot violations such as reckless driving will result in the following discipline: 1st offense - 4 weeks suspension of driving privileges, 2nd offense - 8 weeks, 3rd offense - remainder of the school year. When the driving privileges are suspended, the student’s vehicle is not to be on school property during the time of suspension. Students are held responsible for any violations of their vehicle with any driver. All vehicles must be registered with the Deans’ Office on or before the third week of school. New drivers have five (5) school days to purchase a parking sticker. A parking sticker is valid for one (1) school year from August to June. Students who are driving a different vehicle, have five (5) days to change their previous parking sticker to a current one. Violation of this guideline will result in a Tuesday school up to loss of driving privileges. Cars must be removed from the West lot before 4 p.m. August 1 through November 30. Any accidents on our parking lots MUST be reported to the Deans’ Office immediately. [Top]

Student Code of Conduct

  • Promote courtesy and respect for others.
  • Learn and practice the art of listening to others.
  • Develop an understanding and cooperation among social and ethnic groups within our student body.
  • Conduct yourselves in a manner which promotes self worth.
  • Be willing to accept challenges and responsibilities.
  • Respect your rights and the rights of others to an education.
  • Have respect for your educators.
  • Learn to develop a working rapport with adults and peers, yet maintain your own views, ideas, and standards.
  • Exhibit a respect for and abide by the rules.
  • Always have a sense of pride in our school.
  • Voice your ideas and opinions.
  • Take advantage of every opportunity, don’t let one pass you by.
  • Learn to be positive, both in and out of classrooms.
  • Strive for the goal of presenting work of superior quality.
  • Realize the abilities and potentialities you possess and apply them to activities that promote teamwork and leadership.
  • Take on the special responsibilities to conduct yourselves in an exemplary manner.

The Student Code of Conduct was developed by North Students as a guide for student behavior. The goal is to promote positive attitudes among all students and staff. [Top]

Student Parking Regulations
All students parking on our lot must purchase a parking permit for $1.00 and sign a waiver of responsibility for damage or theft to their vehicle. The permit must be displayed in the lower right corner of the front windshield (passenger side). Student parking areas are provided north of the main building and west of the building; there are sufficient spaces for student drivers. The parking area in front of the building and those parking spaces marked with a large "X" are reserved for staff and visitors. Cars should not be parked at curbs or on yellow lines. Students are not to park in front of the building, in a space with a large "X", or just off school property. Only seniors may park in the area designated with a large "S". Students are expected to lock their cars properly and are not permitted to return to them until dismissal time. The school does not carry insurance for vandalism or accidents which occur on campus. Students arriving after the 8:10 a.m. bell must enter our campus at the Maple Avenue Entrance. Disciplinary action will occur for those students who do not have a parking permit or park in a senior "S". Tuesday Extension will be issued to students who park on an "X" or at curbs or yellow lines. All parking violations will result in a Tuesday Extension. Any student who parks on the school lot is subject to having his/her car searched by school and assisted by police authorities if reasonable suspicion merits. This is an ongoing measure of safety. This is a reminder that students are not to go to the parking lot for any reason during the school day. If it is an emergency situation, teachers are to send the student to the Deans’ Office; a police officer or a dean will escort them out and back into the building. An example of an emergency situation would be a need for medication.[Top]

Tardies to School
After 8:25 a.m., students must report to the Attendance Office before going to class. A student will face the following disciplinary consequences for tardies to school: 2nd tardy – 1 detention, 3rd tardy – 2 detentions, 4th tardy – 3 detentions, and 5th tardy and subsequent tardies – 1 Tuesday extension. If you are absent at the conclusion of 1st hour, you are considered absent not tardy and a parent note will need to be given to the Deans’ Office to explain the absence. [Top]

Tardies to Class
Once the bell rings to begin class, students not in the classroom will be marked tardy. How teachers determine a detention for a tardy will be up to the individual teacher. [Top]

A student is considered truant when he or she is not in attendance in school, class, study hall, or other assigned activity, without the permission of parents, legal guardians, and/or designated school official(s). A student will be considered truant if he or she misses a class for more than fifteen (15) minutes and there have been no previous parental contacts. Truancy is also when a student is absent and does not make contact with the school. Truant students may not make up work for credit. [Top]

Tuesday Extension
Another manner of handling more serious behavior problems is to assign Tuesday Extension. The student reports to the cafeteria at 3:30 p.m. and remains under constant supervision until 5:30 p.m. Students are responsible for gathering class assignments and proper materials needed for the two hour study periods. If a student does not report to Tuesday Extension, the student will receive a three day out of school suspension unless there is doctor verification of illness from the student upon his/her return to school. If a student needs to reschedule a Tuesday Extension, an additional Tuesday Extension will be added. [Top]

Tuesday Extension/Detention Schedule
Detention Schedule:
A.M. Detentions – Room 147
7:35 A.M. – 8:05 A.M.

P.M. Detentions – Room 211
3:25 P.M. – 3:55 P.M. – Single Detention
3:25 P.M. – 4:25 P.M. – Double Detention

*Double Detention is available Monday thru Friday unless otherwise announced.
**Detentions are to be served within 5 school days of the date given.
*** It is the student’s responsibility to serve the Detention by the due date – you will not be reminded of your Detention or the date in which it is due. It is also the student’s responsibility to keep track of what Detentions they have and when they are to be served. [Top]

Tuesday Schedule:
3:30 P.M. – 5:30 P.M.
School Cafeteria

  • Students are expected to be at Tuesday Extension by: 3:30 P.M.
    You are to be in the cafeteria and seated prior to 3:30 P.M
  • Students will dress according to the School Dress Code.
  • You must have books, paper and pencil/pen with you – no magazines or reading materials other than school related items will be acceptable.
  • There will be no sleeping, talking, or walking around the room.

Tuesday Extension will be from 3:30 P.M. to 5:30 P.M. Tuesday Extension is an Intermediate Disciplinary Measure in lieu of Suspension. Failure to attend or comply with all Tuesday Extension rules will result in Out of School Suspension. [Top]


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