About Hoosier Prairie

About Hoosier Prairie
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Home of the Pioneers

About Hoosier Prairie

Mascot:  Pioneer

Colors:  Blue and White

Current Enrollment:  349

Number of Teachers:  29

Number of Support Staff:  18

Building:  Hoosier Prairie is organized into pods of classrooms and grouped by grade level.  The hub of the school is centered around the school office and the library media center.  The library media center also houses two computer labs and a reading tower.  In the northeast wing, one will find the gymnasium, stage, music room and art room.  The kindergarten and first-grade classrooms are located in the northwest pod.  The southwest pod houses the second- and third-grade classrooms.  The fourth and fifth grades are found in the southeast pod.


Library Media Center: Reading Tower
Library Media Center: Computer Lab

School Song

     The school song was written by former Hoosier Prairie teacher, Mrs. Sara Arnold.  Over the years, many students have learned and sung this song with enthusiasm and pride.  After Mrs. Arnold retired, several students have learned to play the accompaniment on the piano.  During school assemblies that celebrate students' achievements, one will find the gymnasium packed with joyously singing students.  It is a tribute to the Hoosier Prairie community, both past and present.  In the future, many more members of the Hoosier Prairie family will sing this song in celebration of a great school!

Hoosier Prairie, Hoosier Prairie

Friends forever we will be.

Hoosier Prairie, Hoosier Prairie

You're number one...we all agree!

A first-rate education is here.

For fun and sports...we all give a cheer!

Oh!  We will love you through the years.

Hoosier Prairie Pioneers!


Hoosier Prairie History

     Hoosier Prairie Elementary School opened its doors to students on October 29, 1979.  After the ground-breaking on June 14, 1978, students from Pimento and Dixie Bee Elementary Schools eagerly watched as their school took shape.
     This 64,275 square-foot building in located in southwestern Vigo county at the corner of Harlan Drive and Trueblood Place.  In the late 1970s, the cost to construct Hoosier Prairie was $4,245,000.  In addition, the Darrell A. Roundtree nature shelter, a log cabin, and various playground equipment is located on the 15.5 acres of property.
Hoosier Prairie Ground-breaking
Hoosier Prairie Dedication Day Cover

Cabin Renovations

The Pioneer Cabin on the Hoosier Prairie playground has been renovated!  After a few years of needed repairs, the roof and logs are being replaced.  In Spring 2011, a wrap-around porch was added.  In the past, the cabin has served as a focal point of the fourth-grade students' Pioneer Day and Pioneer Christmas.  With funding from the P.T.O, the expertise of Mr. Keith Ruble and his crew, and the donated logs from Percy Mossbarger and Kirkhan Hardwoods, the Pioneer Cabin is once again a teaching venue and the centerpiece of the Hoosier Prairie Elementary School Pioneers.

Needed Repairs
Log Replacement
Chinking the Logs
Reshingling the Roof
Reshingling the Roof
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