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Terre Haute North Vigo High School
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Terre Haute North


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Mr. Stephen Joseph
  3434 Maple Ave.
  Terre Haute, IN 47804
  Phone: 812.462.4312
  Fax: 812.462.4204

Peachjar Flyers

Reminder, on remote learning Monday's we continue to follow the daily clock schedule

Terre Haute North Daily Clock Schedule
1st hour – 8:10-8:55
2nd hour – 9:00-9:45
SRT – 9:50-10:20
3rd hour – 10:25-11:10
4th hour – 11:15-12:45
5th hour – 12:50-1:35
6th hour – 1:40-2:25
7th hour – 2:30-3:15

The Bridge Church located at 1901 Eighth Ave starting Monday March 8 will be offering a safe location for students to go and have internet connection for homework and a lunch will be provided.
Language Arts and Math After School Tutoring Information 

VCSC Summer School
Summer school will be offered at Terre Haute North, Terre Haute South and West Vigo High School. A class may be offered at one location only or all three depending on the number of students enrolled in any given course and/ or the availability of teachers in each subject area. Click on the logo to sign up.
LINK CREW Volunteer Sign-up (Sophomore and Juniors Only)
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