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Hall of Distinction Forms

Our Hall of Distinction is the Terre Haute South Hall of Fame.  The nominations for the class of 2019 are due on November 15th.  Go to the alumni tab on the left for a nomination form.

The Sound of Music

Terre Haute South Theatre is proud to present The Sound of Music. 
November 15-17-Advance tickets $8, see Mr. Gagnon


STAND Club members Priscilla Liu, Michelle Zheng, and Alishba Rizwan created a mask to help support CODA (Council on Domestic Abuse). Their goal is to advocate for protection, peace, compassion, and love. View this mask and other CODA masks at http://www.codaterrehaute.org/masquerade-mask-contest-2018.html.
STAND Club #1
STAND Club #2
STAND Club #3

Finals October 31st to November 2nd

Get ready for your finals South Braves!

As with all test taking, follow these four simple suggestions:

1. Get plenty of sleep the day before
2. Put your phone away at bedtime
3. Wake up refreshed, eat a healthy breakfast, and dominate your test.
4. When you're done, say "today was a great day to be a South Brave."

A Good Breakfast is Essential
Terre Haute South Final Schedule  Download me! Download

DAR Award Winner

Terre Haute South is proud to announce the winner of the DAR award. This year's winner is Caroline Fox.  Congratulations Caroline!
Congratulations Caroline

After School Tutoring

After school tutoring begins Tuesday, October 2nd. If you need extra help in homework or studying for a test, please go to the library on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 3:45 – 5:00. If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Foust in room 309.

Tutoring Available

South TRIBE News

See whats going on at THS, go to the page to the left.

Need A Transcript?

Click on the link below to get your transcript.
Transcripts https://www.parchment.com/u/registratio...


For all attendance issues and questions call 812-462-4263

For all other questions, please dial 812-462-4252
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