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2020 Winter Homecoming Court and Activities

Homecoming Week Activities

January 27th, Monday...........Meme Day
January 28th, Tuesday..........Denim Day
January 29th, Wednesday....Western Day / Hat Day
January 30th, Thursday........PJ Day (pants only)
January 31st, Friday.............Class Colors
(Freshman - White, Sophomore - Gray, Junior - Red, & Senior - Black)

Front row left to right: Senior Candle Lighters - Paige Bennett escort sv and Phoebe Pilant escort sv. Queen Alishba Rizwan escort sv. Senior Attendants - Pascal Koj escort sv and Maya Mercho escort sv.

Back row left to right: Freshman Attendants - Kensy Weidenbenner escort sv and Nealey Mellenthin escort sv, Junior Crownbearer - Mikaila Sullivan escort sv, Junior Attendant - Cami Loftus escort sv, Sophomore Attendant - Elise Whitman escort sv, Junior Attendant - Caitlin Cox escort sv and Sophomore Attendant - Mallory Boyd escort sv.  

Congratulations Queen Alishba and her Court!

2020 Winter Homecoming Queen and Court

We love "Pick"!

Brian Pickens' Benefit

On Saturday, February 1st from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the Idle Creek Banquet Center at 5353 Ryanne Marie Lane in Terre Haute will be a Benefit for Mr. Pickens.  The cost is $10.00 per person.  This benefit has Dinner & Entertainment, a Silent Auction, Super Bowl Squares, Poker, and a Raffle. Please come show your support for a guy who has given so much to his country, community, friends, and family in his fight against cancer!

Curriculum Fair

The Guidance Department Counselors and the Curriculum Department Chairpersons welcome you to come to South's Auditorium on January 28th, 2020 at 5:30 pm for the Curriculum Fair.  Come investigate what challenging curriculum and courses South Vigo High School has to offer in the education of your children!!!

DECA District Winners

Congratulations to the DECA District Winners!

Individual Winners

Tasidee Fagg 1st, Tessa Blanc 2nd,  Addie Campbell 3rd,  Zach Reeson 1st,  Branton Ward 2nd,  Mahith Koduru 3rd,  Kaci Moore 2nd,  Riley Toomey 3rd,  Marshal Conder 4th,  Maya Mercho 1st,  Julia Pomfret 2nd,  Theron Strong 4th,  Giana White 3rd,  Will Luttrell 1st,  Lauren Kirchner 1st,  Caleb Maris 4th,  Tatum Hill 3rd,  Reagan Foust 1st,  Ryan Liebermann 3rd,  Sara Mace 2nd,  Peyton Hall 3rd,  Tucker Helton 4th,  Carson Shober 3rd,   Ava Rose 2nd,  Kensy Weidenbenner 3rd,  Richie Stoltz 2nd,  Maddie Kinkade 1st,  and Jaylen Bradbury 3rd

Team Event Winners

Harley Harrison & Avery Kerr 1st,  Brock Barger & Adam Andres 2nd,   Mira Alzahrani & Kiersten Yamamoto 1st,  Billie Frazier & Anneliese Patterson 2nd,  Andrew Baker & Owen  Findley 4th,  Parker Mahurin & Grant Brown 3rd

These students are eligible to attend State Competition in March. Additionally we will have other students who will be submitting written projects and will attend as well.


DECA District Winners

Mayor's Character Award Winner

Congratulations to Cora Whitlock, who is representing South for the Mayor's Character Award for January - Responsibility.

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For all attendance issues and questions call 812-462-4263

For all other questions, please dial 812-462-4252

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