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The Vigo County School Corporation Will Equip Students With Lifelong Learning Skills And Prepare Them To Become Productive And Responsible Citizens


The Vigo County School Corporation's CTE program is growing at an awesome pace.  Our students are being given new opportunities with new machines to better equip them for today's workforce.  The days of college-bound kids not taking CTE classes have long passed.  Our students are preparing themselves for college, trade schools, and the workforce.  We encourage you to explore our site and check out some of the course syllabi to see what our students are learning.  Click on the button on the left to continue to explore VCSC's CTE program. 



Vigo County School Corporation Adult Education is committed to providing educational services to Adults in our community needing to advance their basic skills.  Students can enroll in Adult Basic Education classes and work on curriculum to help prepare them for the High School Equivalency Test.  Adult Secondary Credit options are available to adults needing to complete those last few credits to graduate.  English as a Second Language programs are also offered for adults who would like to improve their English speaking skills.

Take a moment and explore our program by clicking on the button in the upper left hand corner, or by clicking on Adult Education

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