Mission Statement

Mission Statement
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West Vigo Middle School Mission Statement
In order for students to obtain lifelong goals as productive and responsible citizens, West Vigo Middle School will provide students the experiences necessary to develop intellectual, physical, emotional, and social skills in a safe and secure environment, with a comprehensive system of support.

  •  To provide coordinated curricular experiences that challenge students to master academic standards.
  •   To provide students learning facilities that are safe, healthy, orderly, and conducive to student learning.
  •   To instill in our students the democratic ideals that will guide them in their responsibilities and privileges as a citizen.
  •   To foster in the student a feeling of positive self-esteem resulting from success that has been achieved by an experience in learning.
  •   To stimulate creativity and critical thinking that has been motivated by innovative and flexible teaching methods.
  •   To promote each student's individual freedom, yet teach him/her responsibility through a variety of individual activities and group programs.
  •   To instill in our students the importance of punctuality and attendance.
  •   To stress the importance of and the development of skills necessary to appreciate peers of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
  •   To help each student recognize his/her strengths, weaknesses, and future responsibilities in the home, community, and nation.

VCSC MISSION STATEMENT: The Vigo County School Corporation will equip students with lifelong learning skills and prepare them to become productive and responsible citizens.

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