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About Washington
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About Washington

Dear Students,

We are pleased to welcome you to a new year at Booker T. Washington High School.  Your presence here  indicates how very special you are.  Each student has been individually interviewed before being admitted.  We hope to provide the best opportunities and environment in which you will learn, mature, and grow both intellectually and emotionally.

Booker T. Washington High School serves pregnant, parenting, and alternative students who have either dropped out of school or who cannot cope with the standard school system.  Your enrollment here is a privilege.  You will be treated as an adult and needs will be met on an individual basis.

The faculty and staff hope you will not hesitate to seek them out for help or information on any matter of concern to you.  We feel certain you will discover that Booker T. Washington High School is the best school you will ever attend.

Please read and be aware of the information contained in the handbook.  As an adult you are expected to be informed of your rights and the rules governing you, both in this school and in this school corporation.

Booker T. Washington HS
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