About Otter Creek

About Otter Creek
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     Otter Creek is a three-year middle school comprised of grades six through eight situated on a 27.9-acre campus in North Terre Haute, Indiana. Physical facilities include forty-four classrooms, three conference rooms, five administrative offices, a multi-purpose room, a teacher workroom, a bookstore, a health office, an energy center, two outbuildings, fenced tennis courts and a fenced track.

     Otter Creek Middle School's instructional staff is comprised of one principal, one assistant principal, one dean, one counselor, one media specialist, forty-eight teachers, twelve teacher aides, and one ESL aide. The instructional staff is 32% male and 68% female. Teaching experience may be summarized as follows: 46% with 0 - 10 years, 28% with 11 - 20 years, 18% with 21 - 30 years and 8% with 31+ years. The staff is well prepared professionally with 60% of Otter Creek's faculty having earned Masters Degrees, 10% Masters plus 30 and 2% PhD's.



Otter Creek Middle School
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