Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade
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Fifth Grade

Academic Focus

In the classroom, the fifth grade focuses on whole group literature studies, reading comprehension and learning new ways to do math. In history, we explore the United Sates by looking at the colonies, American Indians, and following the westward expansion. We learn to keep assignment books and develop good study skills. The fifth grade students do many things to help in our school such as library and office helpers, green team, student council, and daily morning announcements which teach responsibility. At the end of the year, there is a farewell program for all of the fifth graders, their families, and teachers which features student musical performances and academic and personal recognition. Honey Creek Middle School will be seeing us next year!

Learning Experiences

  • Fifty State Research Project - This is the end of the year project. We start by researching a state using print and electronic resources. Then we use this information to build floats and write research papers.  

Field Trip

  • Indianapolis
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