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Special Area
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Special Areas

Music - Our music program focuses on movement skills, playing instruments, and singing at every grade level. Instrumental highlights are emphasized in 4th grade with recorders and 5th grade with the strings program. Our strings students learn about note reading and maintaining good posture. Traditionally, they perform at Fine Arts Night and the 5th grade farewell program. The Christmas program is quite spectacular with every grade involved and lots of parents helping our music teacher. It is held at neighboring Maryland Community Church.  The program is always packed with excited parents, grandparents, and friends. 
Art - The art room is our most creatively designed room. We paint, draw, mold, cut, paste, arrange, design, and study well-known artists and famous art movements. It's a great room to get messy and it's okay! Paper, scissors, brushes, paint, pencils, clay, and kiln are just some of the wonderful tools we utilize to show our creativity. You'll see examples of our work at the Swope Art Show and around our school. Our art program is the most fun!  Students will display their best art work annually at our Fine Arts Night program.
PE - The gymnasium is one of our very favorite rooms in the entire school because we do so many fun things with our P.E. teacher. We work on all sorts of physical skills and learn many kinds of sports and recreational games. All year long, we work on running and continue to add minutes to our jogging time. In May we have a big Olympics Day with friendly competition in different events. Our entire school community gets involved!  Anytime you come by our gym, you'll see lots of activity and hear lively music wafting out of the doors.
Media Center - Discovering a love of books is the goal of our media center.  The collection is ever-growing and expanding to keep up with student interests as well as classroom curriculum.  Research skills are also a key focus in our media center.  You will often see students researching in books or online and learning the importance of citing their sources.  Even our youngest of Racers begin learning skills on the computer and online to help build a firm foundation in becoming excellent researchers.  The media center also provides teachers with audio & visual tools and resources for their classrooms.  Two book fairs a year are held to help raise funds to continue growing our media center and the technology in our school. 
Special Needs for Individuals - Every child is special and unique to us. We address a wide variety of needs through the learning disabilities assistance, functional class, speech, counseling, and various after-school enrichment programs such as SpanishGerman, and tennis. Sometimes, we need a little extra help and in other cases, we need to stretch ourselves intellectually or physically. We have built-in 30 minutes in our daily schedule across our entire school for enrichment and remediation learning opportunities called I/E time. There is something for all learners here at Riley Elementary School!
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