Information for Parents

Information for Parents
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It is proven that when parents are involved in
their child's school, that child will do better in school. 
You may ask your child's team leader for ways to
get more involved at Otter Creek Middle School. 
You may also read the information provided in
the links below.
If your child's teacher uses, you can sign up for this on that site.  Please note that you will need to sign up for each teacher to receive the information from each class.
A great link for parents
This site has some great articles for parents.
You may click on the middle school link on the
left side of the page, or even click on the top
"grade by grade" link. There are articles about
helping your child/children with homework and
studying that can help make that time at home
less stressful and more organized.
You will also find information about
learning styles, extracurricular activities,
managing stress in middle school/other
health related issues, internet safety tips,
and academic concepts by grade level.
Parental Involvement
This site contains an article about why it is
important for parents to be involved in their
child’s school and gives some suggestions about how to do so.
Get Involved
This is an article entitled "Steps You Can Take to
Improve Your Children’s Education." This article
stresses the importance of parental involvement in school.
It also gives specific suggestions to help children,
like limiting television, having high expectations,
creating a daily routine which includes homework,
and simply having a dialogue about school with your children.
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