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Teacher Supply Lists


2018-2019 Kindergarten Supply List




·         1 regular size plastic supply box

·         8 glue sticks

·         1 pair of child’s scissors

·         2 boxes crayons (24 count)

·         1 pink eraser

·         2 packages of Twistable Colored Pencils (12 count)

·         1 set of inexpensive headphones (NOT earbuds)

·         1 zippered flat nylon pencil pouch (with a clear plastic front)

·         1 durable red plastic folder

·         8 black dry erase markers

·         1 box of baby wipes

·         2-#2 pencils (sharpened if possible, no mechanical pencils)


Boys-1 box quart size zipper baggies, 1 roll of paper towels, 1 container Clorox wipes


Girls-1 box gallon size zipper baggies, 1 box of tissues, 1 package of 9” paper plates

(not Styrofoam)



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First Grade

First Grade Supply List 2018-2019

Rio Grande Elementary School


2 boxes of crayons

1 pair of scissors (blunt)

2 large boxes of tissues

1 plastic school box (not the large one)

48 or 2 boxes of 24 (number 2) pencils

2 packs of Twistable colored pencils

6 glue sticks

1 large pink eraser

1 small box of pencil top erasers

2 plastic purple folders

8 dry erase markers (fine-tip, black)

Inexpensive set of headphones


We would appreciate, but don’t require these items:

paper towels and quart and gallon Ziploc baggies



Please no Trapper Keepers, paints, three ring binders or notebooks.  We will provide writing paper.


Thank you for your help in getting these supplies as soon as possible.


1st Grade Teachers



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Second Grade


Second Grade Supply List


1.  Plastic school box (not the large one)


2.  Small bottle of White Glue or a Glue Stick


3.  Two large boxes of facial tissues


4.  Box of 24 Crayons


5.  Ten #2 pencils-(Please do not buy the cute, plastic wrapped kind, they are hard on our pencil sharpeners)


6.  One spiral notebook—70 sheets


7.  Blunt metal scissors


8. Pink Eraser


9. Four Black Dry Erase Markers


10.  Two folders with pockets


11. Two Colored highlighters


12. Inexpensive Headphones


A donation of Hand Sanitizer and Band-Aids would be appreciated, but not required.  Please take your child’s supplies out of the packaging and place your child’s name or initials on items with a permanent marker.


Second grade paper will be provided.



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Third Grade

 Third Grade Supply List


*(1) pair of Scissors

*(1) set of ear buds or ear phones

*(1) Glue- stick

* (1) box of 24 Crayons

*(3) boxes of #2 pencils  Please have two sharpened for the first day of school.

*(4) folders:  Please label one folder “Homework”.

 *(2) LOW ODOR Dry Erase Markers with eraser

*(2) spiral notebooks 

*(2) Tissue boxes

*(1) box of Ziploc quart baggies (Girls only)

*(1) box of Ziploc gallon baggies (Boys only)

*Loose leaf paper

* Post-it notes


* hand sanitizer


Please take your child’s supplies out of the packaging and place his/her name on them with a permanent marker.  You may also want to place your child’s initials on his/her pencils. Thank you.


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Fourth Grade


Supply List - Fourth Grade

2018 - 2019

  • Plastic Folder (1)
  • Wide Ruled Notebooks (2)
  • Pencils (#2)
  • Colored Pencils (Box of 24)
  • Crayons (Box of 48)
  • Scissors (pointed)
  • Glue Sticks (4)
  • Liquid Glue Bottle (1)
  • Pink Erasers (2)
  • Box of Tissues (5)
  • Highlighters of Different Colors (2)
  • Package of Red Pens (1)
  • Package Post-It Notes (1)
  • Dry Erase Marker (1)
  • Three-Pronged Folders (3)

·         Composition Notebook (1)

·         Disinfecting  wipes (1)



Please take your child’s supplies out of the packaging and place his/her name on them with a permanent marker.  You may also want to place your child’s initials on his/her pencils.  Donations of hand sanitizer, ziplock bags, and bandaids are greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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Fifth Grade

Supply List for 2018/2019


Grade 5 Supply List: 

**Please label everything before coming to school**




 Colored pencils

2 boxes of tissues

Lots of pencils

2 packages of 4 or more black dry erase markers

1 box of quart and gallon size zip lock baggies

200 sheets of wide ruled filler paper

2 packages of 3x5 lined index cards

Glue or glue sticks

3 spiral notebooks wide ruled paper

1 composition notebook

Pointed tip scissors

3 plastic folders

2 highlighters

Post-It Note pads


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