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Terre Haute North Vigo High School is proud to announce the establishment of The Polaris Award for Patriots of Purpose. This award has been created in honor of Carl S. Riddle, our original North Star, who through his constant and steadfast leadership established meaningful traditions and guided Patriots to their highest level of excellence. Nominations will be accepted annually to recognize three current or former staff, or alumni who have brought distinction to North Vigo High School through meaningful personal, professional, or civic accomplishments. 

Email the completed nomination form to PolarisAward@vigoschools.org or mail the form to Terre Haute North, 3434 Maple Ave., Terre Haute, IN 47804

Polaris Nomination Form - PDF  Download me! Download
Polaris Nomination Form - MS WORD  Download me! Download

Polaris Award Committee


Mr. Scott Moore, Mrs. Eileen Mann, Mrs. Anne Riddle, Mrs. Robin Smith, Mrs. Jeanne Conley,
Mr. David Utterback, Mrs. Jeanine Utterback, Mrs. Sara Smith, Mrs. Marie Thiesz
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