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McLean High School Academic Departments

McLean Art Department

Mission Statement:

As a safe and welcoming place for students, the McLean Art Department strives to bring students together to inspire, share, educate, nurture, self-discover, and create in the means of art and culture. Encouragement is given to think outside of the box, while trusting in the process to plan, complete, and achieve goals.

-Mrs. Ellis

Faculty Information: Christine Pence-Ellis

McLean English Department

Mission Statement:

Reading and writing are keys to success in the classroom, on the job, and throughout a career. These essential skills prepare students for every area of study and an overwhelming majority of career fields. At McLean High School, we aim to help learners improve their reading and writing skills by exploring relevant texts from across the world and throughout history. Our goals are to promote critical thought and to invite readers to converse with the texts that they are reading. Our English classes are designed to promote reading, annotating, studying vocabulary, creating constructed responses, writing essays, delivering multimedia presentations, speaking, listening, and thinking.

Faculty Information: Troy Fears, Amanda Higgins

McLean Mathematics Department

Mission Statement:

High school mathematics courses are designed to meet each student's needs. The curriculum provides students opportunities in varied courses of study. The department has sequential course offerings with recommended prerequisites. We strive to assist our students so they can successfully meet to exceed all mathematical standards. Our staff endorses the statement of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics that we "provide the vision and leadership necessary to improve the learning of mathematics by all students."

Faculty Information: James Doyle

McLean Physical Education and Health Department

Mission Statement:

It is the goal of the Physical Education and Health Department at McLean High School to enrich our students with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead healthy lives after high school and throughout adulthood.  Through various team and individual sports, students will gain the confidence needed to pursue an active lifestyle that can shape their overall wellness.  In addition, fitness activities and concepts will be introduced to improve their awareness and understanding of what is necessary to maintain that wellness as they move through various stages in their lives.  Finally, the department will strive to guide our students through the vast knowledge that is lifetime health and ensure they demonstrate the ability not only to find helpful community resources but also to create their own short and long term goals that will enhance their emotional, physical, and mental health.

Faculty Information: Erin Mooney

McLean Social Studies Department

Mission Statement:

Faculty Information: Matt Christjansen, Tracie Wittman

McLean Special Education Department

Mission Statement:

We strive to provide our students with special needs the accommodations and learning environment that best meets their academic and social needs.

Faculty Information: Donna MacLaren, Taylor Nave

McLean Technology Department

Mission Statement:

It is the goal of the CTE Department at McLean High School to provide our students with the skills and knowledge that is required to have a Career in Manufacturing. By using a variety of activities and processes our students will gain the confidence and skills needed to obtain a job and then a career in manufacturing. Through the process of constantly redeveloping our methods, we will provide a valuable resource to the students and the community. By working with collegiate entities, we will provide our students with a leg up into high education in the manufacturing sector.


Faculty Information: Jasen Gibbens

McLean Middle School 9:00-2:00 Program

Mission Statement:

The 9-2 Middle School Program is trying out some new things this year. First of all, this is the first group of students to work on Grad Point. While English is done together as a class, students are working individually on Science, Social Studies, and Math. Another new item this year is participation in the Scholastic Reading Counts! program. Students can read any book they select from the library, and if they pass the corresponding quiz, rack up points to collect rewards. School-wide awards include things like ice cream and pizza. There are also awards specific to the middle school program, like free time. We’ve also enjoyed some guest speakers in the middle school program this year. Holly Hudson, an astronomy teacher at Terre Haute South, came in and talked about the different moon phases. Bob Jackson, who works with PRISM at Rose-Hulman, discussed Mt. Rainier and talked about what it means to actually climb a mountain. Finally, the students have all been working on “real-world” problems in addition to their regular coursework, like figuring out how much travelling to different locations would cost, and learning the difference between the Standard and Metric measuring system.

Faculty: Tracie Wittman


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