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Honey Creek Middle School

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"Honey Creek Middle School represents the hopes, aspirations, and the dreams of a school community which is attempting to provide outstanding educational facilities for the students who will occupy this structure. . . It is the hope of all who have been responsible for this new school that it will enhance the teaching and learning opportunities for all those who study here, both now and in years to come."
Charles M. Clark, Superintendent, 1994

Originally a high school, Honey Creek became a junior high school and later Honey Creek Middle School.  The new facility of 171,000 square feet opened in August 1993.  It houses an "academic wing" with classrooms, administrative areas, and the media center.  The "activity wing" has athletic, physical education facilities, music, cafetorium, and industrial technology. 

Thanks to the generosity of Pfizer, the Honey Creek Booster Club, and many other supporters, the school has an Outdoor Learning Center that can be used by all of the students to do many activities.  The center has covered table seating, storage areas, and accessible restrooms.

Honey Creek Middle School is one of five middle schools in the Vigo County School Corporation. It is the southern-most middle school in the county.
Upon completing middle school, the students move on to South Vigo High School.

Philosophically, we believe that academic achievement is possible for every student. Our school team organization and instructional practices have been designed to insure high academic achievement for all our middle level students.

Honey Creek is organized around a strong core academic program in smaller interdisciplinary teams consisting of 4 teachers. The team organization creates seven small communities of learners in our school. Each team utilizes flexible scheduling, basic time blocks, and interdisciplinary instruction to meet the individual academic and developmental needs of its students.

Honey Creek Ground Breaking Ceremony
Road Rerouting to Accomodate the New School
Honey Creek Parking Lot and Tennis Courts Near Completion
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