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Link Crew


Link Crew links upperclassmen to freshmen in order to help them feel more comfortable throughout the first year of their high school experience.

Link Leaders start getting ready for incoming freshmen the summer before school begins with special leadership training that enables them to conduct "break-the-ice" activities with new students at Freshman Orientation. In addition, Link Leaders take their new Links on a tour of the school and give them their class schedule and locker combinations. By the end of the day, these new high schoolers will already know some familiar faces and know where to go when they come to the first day of school.

As the year continues, Link Leaders check in on their Links in person, via text, with locker notes, during meetings, and/or through social media. They also lead fun activities with freshmen during homeroom, take freshmen to their first home game, show them how to study for finals, encourage them to get involved, and set-up other cool events.

The goal of Link Crew is to help freshmen have a more positive experience their first year, which will ultimately help them be more successful in high school and in life.

Link Crew Coordinators---

Ms. Jessica Buttillieri,
Ms. Jamie Luna-Schatz,
Mr. John Stephens,
Mrs. Claudia Stolfe,

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